defenceATA has a long history of providing engineering services to the defense industry. We provide support both to defense contractors and directly to Department of Defense agencies. The defense products we have supported include military wheeled and tracked vehicles, directed energy weapons, missiles, shipboard electronics systems, airborne sensor suites, deployable bridges, cargo aircraft, fighter jets, and unmanned aerial systems.

Defense products are exposed to use environments that far exceed those of commercial products and, unlike their commercial counterparts, in-field failure is not an option. ATA is expert in understanding military transportation, mobility, and operational specifications. Our staff pioneered novel ways to interpret applicable data and apply dynamic loading for military vehicle qualification and analysis. From shipping and handling loads to ground vehicle, aircraft, and ship vibration levels, we understand how to derive critical loads for the use environments and correctly use these loads to drive the design.

air_forceIn addition to our loads and dynamics expertise, we provide thermal, acoustic, fatigue, and durability analysis and test support to our defense customers for comprehensive design solutions. ATA also develops innovative hardware and software to support defense needs through Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) programs with the Army, Navy, and Air Force research laboratories.

Specific services that ATA provides to this industry include:

Case Studies

Some specific case studies related to defense include: