Support and Training For Your Test Needs

ATA has over thirty years of experience in conducting test programs in numerous industries. Our engineers are up to date on the latest test methods and technology. If you need help with running your own test, we can support you with one or more test engineers to provide guidance or perform specific tasks. Other services we can provide include data processing, training, data acquisition support, and test oversight. ATA can also perform the entire test as a complete package if needed. Please email with inquiries about your support needs.

Data Processing

ATA has provided customers a variety of data processing support and analysis. Our data processing tools provide a highly efficient way to quickly process and analyze data. Routine data processing support includes extracting modal parameters, evaluating acoustic data, computing operating deflection shapes, as well as applying methods in waterfall analysis, shock analysis, accessing strain damage and fatigue, and flight test data.

Modal Training

ATA is the leading expert in modal analysis and testing. We can provide you with a series of training classes from fundamentals of modal analysis to advanced testing techniques and hardware integration. We are also the industry leaders in the use of the B&K Test for IdeasĀ® software package and can provide training in this software.

Flight Testing

ATA's experience with acoustic testing compliments our in depth knowledge of flight testing.

Modal Testing

ATA is the leading expert in large modal tests.

Strain Testing

ATA has over 30 years of experience in performing strain and fatigue testing.