Test Equipment Rental

ATA has a large inventory of test equipment and can provide a rental service. Alternatively, ATA can help you build a custom data acquisition system to meet your needs. Packages can include multi-chassis VXI data-acquisition systems, signal conditioning units, and computers. Please email rentals@ata-e.com for more information about our inventory and pricing.

Modal Testing Equipment

equip_1The latest 24-bit system from VXI: 1432B data acquisition modules with PCB 440 signal conditioning. A 256 channel system is shown.

The majority of our rental inventory consists of modal testing equipment. We have a large selection of VXI data acquisition available including 1432A, 1432B (24-bit), and 1433B (192 kHz sample rate) data modules. Other VXI equipment includes 16-slot chasses, 1434A source modules, MXI-II interface modules, and fire wire or Ethernet (EX2500) communication modules. Our signal conditioning inventory consists mostly of PCB 440 amplifier modules with TEDS capability and the majority of our accelerometers are PCB T333B, PCB 308, and PCB shock accelerometer model 302B02, with a variety of others also available.

Modal excitation typically requires either an impact hammer or electro-dynamic shaker. ATA has a wide selection of impact hammers and a large inventory of Modal 110 shakers available for rental.


Wide selection of accelerometers.


Modal 110 electro-dynamic shakers used for modal testing. 110 lbs peak sine output.


Wide selection of impact hammers.

Strain and Other Testing Equipment

ATA Engineering has a variety of other hardware available for rental. This includes a large selection of strain gage signal conditioning, linear displacement transducers (LVDT), DC accelerometers, DC load cells, and microphones. Our strain hardware consists of 192 channels of VXI model EX1529, a 48-channel EX 1629 module, Vishay 2120 amplifiers, and a rugged portable system. We own static or DC load cells that range from 200 lbs to 25,000 lb capability.


DC accelerometers.


Linear voltage displacement transducer (LVDT)


VXI EX 1629 strain conditioning and data acquisition module.


25k, 10k, 5k and 200 lb DC load cell

Modal Testing

ATA is the leading expert in large modal tests.

Strain Testing

ATA has over 30 years of experience in performing strain and fatigue testing.

Support and Training

Have your own test equipment but need training? ATA can help.